The 15-years effort
Only to appreciate everything

QUAN YI XIANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was established in 2003.

Our Company has a professional R & D team, specializing in algae’s benefits on human health, especially the great efforts on chlorella. In addition to cooperating with the industry and the strict procurement of top-level chlorella raw materials, a broken wall treatment processed by the light wave Nano-biochemical technology is also applied and couple with five elements formula, so that to produce a complete cell-wall broken chlorella products with features of not cold nor dry, mild properties, absorb well, more healthy and more suitable for any body constitution.

Brilliant dietary supplement formula

Help more people to regain their health

In addition to direct sales, the Company jointly conducted marketing with medical community of a total of nearly 300 clinics to help more patients get healthy during the 5-year period from 2005 to 2009.

The products have received many ceritfications

Help more people to regain their health

In order to help the wider human health, we established Rad One International Trade Co., Ltd. in 2016 to expand international market development and service and to open more channels, including OEM, ODM, OEM marketing, and there are more than 10 countries are officially marketing this product currently. In order to allow consumers to feel at ease in taking our products, the Company's products are all commissioned to PIC / S GMP excellent pharmaceutical companies to produce and the finished products are sent to SGS for test. Our products also have obtained Halal Certification for consecutive several years.

Words from the President

We can foresee the future of the health industry, a huge market along with irreversible trends and business opportunities. For the past 15 years since the establishment of QUAN YI XIANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. in 2003, we not only adhere to our company’s original purposes of people-oriented, customer first, integrity first, and supreme quality, but also pay more attention to enhance human health and quality through chlorella. The light biochemical cell-wall breaking technology adopted by our team can almost achieve the completely digested and absorbed objectives which enable the Company’s product of cell-wall broken chlorella and related products to help more people enjoy a healthy life. At the same time, the Company’s education team has constantly strived to promote the correct health care knowledge and concepts to help more people be able to have a healthy life without spending extra money, because poor people are not able to get sick and unhealthy cost is most worthless, of which knowledge of economy is knowledge of health. The company will adhere to our original intention to achieve our final goal of “Everyone takes Tsao Yuan Shen , everyone is healthy”.

Resume of General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager of Fung Nian Fu Gui Group
  • Deputy General Manager of Yabote Life Division of SHENG CHUN TANG PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.
General Counsel of Rad One International Trade Co., Ltd.
General Counsel Fu Yi Kang Biotech Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Executive Director of Taiwan 14 Meridian
Director of Chinese Hope Space Promotion Association
Research Office of Algae Road
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